Feng shui flying stars for 6/5 - 7/6' 2017

Feng shui flying stars for 6/5 -7/6' 2017

Monthly zodiac sign - Horse

Good luck color - Blue, Green, Purple, Red,

Good to wear item - - Blue or Green or Purple or Red color clothes, shoes, handbags.

Turquoise, sapphire, peridot, amethyst, stripe design, column shape,

Lucky directions for love : Northeast, Southwest,

Lucky directions for Wealth and everything : West, Northeast, South ( South direction is good for only people who are over 13 years old. )

Waning directions for traveling & moving : Northwest, Southeast, North, East,

Note :

* South direction is good for only people who are over 13 years old. )

* There is a warning sign for water & fire issue in North direction.

During the time ( 6/5 - 7/6'2017 ), great to travel to West, Northeast, Southwest, directions ( and South is good for only people who are over 13 years old ) to get good chi energy but avoid to go traveling or moving to Northwest, Southeast, North, East directions from your present living place to avoid misfortune.

The most dangerous star 5 yellow earth moved to Northwest and good to place metal remedies such as bronze Qi Lin or coins sword or 6 Chinese coins in the Northwest sector of your house or your living room or your room. ( Qi Lin is not good to display in your bathroom, kitchen and bedroom .)

Also illness star 2 black earth moved to East. Good to place brass wu lou or coin sword, or bronze Qi Lin or 6 Chinese coins, or bronze happy Buddha statue in the East sector of your house ( or your office )to avoid to get health problem.

North ( Annual : 6 white metal / Monthly : 9 purple fire )

Fire melts metal. This is a domination relationship. It may be easy to get lung and head disease.

If you get stress, always immediately refresh your feeling to avoid to get these illness. Possibly financial gain. Authority challenged.

Remedy : Need to add earth element to revert the cycle to a productive one, promoting monetary gain inspired by 6 white star 's inherently favorable nature.

Also earth will prevent head- related disorders and arguments.

Good place items : Jade dragon figurine , Gemstone happy Buddha, Jade vase, Crystal items, Jade puzzle ball, porcelain Kwan yin statue,

South ( Annual : 5 yellow earth / Monthly: 8 white earth )

Bad earth (5 yellow) combines with good earth (8 white).

Beware for your health, this combination may cause by broken bones and injured tendon. Possibly financial gain.

Remedy : Metal is needed to suppress 5 yellow 's unruly behavior causing catastrophe, casualties, lawsuits, and sickness.

Unfortunately, metal will also reduce the most favorable star 8 white earth 's propensity for financial success. Avoid to place fire element such as candles, red color items, lamps.

Good to a ring singing bowl around the space daily or burn incense ( sage or sandal wood ) to remove negative energy.

Good to place items : : Bronze Qi Lin, Bronze Laughing Buddha , Coin sword, Bronze turtle dragon, 6 ancient chinese coins, Signing bowl, metal 6 rods wind chime, Sea Salt.

East (Annual : 8 white earth / Monthly : 2 black earth )

Good earth 8 white star meets bad earth 2 black star. The reductive phase metal is needed to squash dead 2 black star's inherent bad luck.

While metal will also reduce the accumulation of money and property , it is always better to first protect your health.

Avoid to place any fire items such as candles, red color items.

Remedy : metal is needed to kill nasty 2 black earth start and protect your health.

Good to a ring singing bowl around the space daily or burn incense ( sage or sandal wood ) to remove negative energy.

Good to place items : : Brass Wu Lou, bronze Qi Lin, Bronze Quan Yin, Coin sword, 6 Chinese coins, Bronze Laughing Buddha, Bronze Fuk Luk Sau, singing bowl, Metal wind chime, Sea Salt.

West (Annual : 3 green wood / Monthly : 6 white metal )

Metal pierces wood. Favorable star 6 white is dominating the dead and un favorable star 3 green.

This combination promotes financial gain. but beware for leg injury if you are a male.

Remedy : Add fire to burn wood's unlucky growth. If you develop leg or throat problems, replace fire with water.

Good to place items : Red pi yao, red jade dragon, Phoenix image, horse figurine ( or image ) , Bird figurine, pyramid, Candle, lamp, rolling ball water fountain with light.

Northwest (Annual : 2 black earth / Monthly : 5 yellow earth )

Worst 2 stars get together. Beware this direction.

This is an extremely unfavorable combination. It symbolizes bankruptcy, serious illness.

Remedy : A lot of metal is needed to prevent accidents, disaster, financial ruin, even death.

Be on alert this direction during the time.

Good to a ring singing bowl around the space daily or burn incense ( sage or sandal wood )to remove negative energy.

Good to place items : Brass Wu Lou, Bronze Qi Lin, Coins sword, Bronze or Brass dragon, Bronze Laughing Buddha, Bronze Fuk Luk Sau, 6 chinese coins, singing bowl, Metal Wind chime, Sea Salt.

Northeast ( Annual : 4 green wood / Monthly : 7 red metal )

Metal pierces wood. This is another cut-and- dry domination relationship.

This combination symbolizes flirtation, injury to a woman, and financial gain.

Remedy : Add water items to restore the cycle to a productive one, eliminating the possibility of illness, lawsuits, robberies and frequent argument encouraged by this combination.

Good to place items: : table top water fountain, Glass vase with purple or blue color flowers, Ocean image,

(Animal figurines and gods statues shouldn't place in your bedroom and bathroom )

Southeast (Annual : 9 purple fire / Monthly : 3 green wood )

Wood produces fire. While this is a productive relationship, it would be most unfortunate to let bad wood's potential for robberies, arguments, and lawsuits grow.

This combination also symbolizes birth of an intelligent child, bad temper.

Good for creative work. Can get great idea and new discovery.

Remedy: : Fire is needed to burn the dead and unfavorable wood. Watch for accidents caused by fire.

Good to place items : : Red pi yao, Red jade dragon, Phoenix image, Horse figurine( or image ) , Bird figurine, red or orange color flower, Red Candles, Lamp,

Southwest (Annual : 7 red metal / Monthly : 1 white water )

Water produces metal. This is a productive relationship. This combination symbolizes flirtation, bleeding, success by traveling overseas.

Wealth luck.

Remedy : Add water to enhance good fortune expressed by the number 1 white star 's inherent lucky nature and 7 red star 's prevailing qualities.

Good to place items : Water feature (table top water fountain), Glass vase with blue color flowers, Bronze or brass dragon with a small glass of water, Bronze turtle dragon.

Center (Annual : 1 white water / Monthly : 4 green wood )

Water produces wood. This is a productive relationship. This combination symbolizes gaining fame through writing or artistic work and have love opportunity, romance,

Remedy : Not needed. If you are a female and are looking for romance, add water items.

Water will promote new relationships inspired by the 4 green wood star.

Good to place items: : water feature , table top water fountain, blue and purple flower in a glass vase, Ocean image,

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Hi Keiko,

I received the beautiful brass dragons, bronze dragon incense burner and Kuan Yin. They are absolutely beautiful. I paid almost double for a smaller brass dragon from a different company that looks almost childish next to yours.

It is very obvious the quality of this artwork is far superior and the energy in my house feels like it has lifted. The small dragon you included as a gift is much nicer than I expected, thank you very much! I will enjoy these for many years, many thanks.

I look forward to ordering my Christmas presents from you.

Dabbie.L , CT

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